For white wines, we recommend Veritas Vineyard and Winery in Afton, Virginia. Try out the ripe, tropical White Star or the citrus fruit of the Sauvignon Blanc 2008. Veritas also hosts a number of wonderful events throughout the year, allowing you to further enjoy your visit. (We highly recommend going on a Friday or a Sunday as opposed to Saturday. Saturdays are usually chaotically busy at Veritas.) Jefferson Vineyards in Charlottesville, VA is another great suggestion for white wine. They have a fantastic Chardonnay and are located right near Monticello, so if you’re planning to tour Thomas Jefferson’s home, check out the vineyards as well. If you’re a fan of sweet white wines, try out Cardinal Point Vineyard and Winery in Afton, VA. The A6, which is a “delicious blend of Viognier and Chardonnay” is fantastic. There is also the 2012 Quattro, which is so sweet that it can be a dessert wine.