Blackfriars Playhouse: Why You Should Go

Julius Caesar play

Julius Caesar play
Photo courtesy of ASC


Forget that it’s the world’s only re-creation of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre. Or, that it was built based on documentary evidence that determined the theatre’s current size and scale. You might even be able to disregard that it’s situated in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

What will grab you and hold you is both the simple beauty of the theatre and the superb performances.

And when it comes down to it, that’s why we go to theatre, isn’t it? We want to be a part of an experience, to feel transformed. And there’s no better place to do that than at the Blackfriars Theatre.

Even so, we highly recommend you factor in all that it took to bring this great treasure to life. The theatre was built in 2001 based on:

  • The archaeological excavations of the original Blackfriars precinct
  • Visiting surviving Tudor structures
  • James Burbage’s deed of 1596
  • Westminster Hall
  • Architectural drawings by Simon Basil (1605), Inigo Jones (1616), and John Webb (1629)
  • Well-preserved Jacobean and Elizabethan houses

Today, the Blackfriars Playhouse is known worldwide for the attention to detail in recreating the great bard’s theatre. But that isn’t enough to make the world stand up and pay attention.

The superior quality of the acting is the perfect complement to such a unique and praiseworthy building.

Year-Round Performances at Blackfriars Playhouse

Caesar And Cleopatra Play

Caesar and Cleopatra Play
Photo courtesy of ASC

All year long, the American Shakespeare Center produces not only excellent Shakespearean plays, but more modern plays as well.

Here’s a sampling of what’s on the calendar for this fall:

The Willard Suitcases—A contemporary play inspired by a book of photos taken by Jon Crispin.

Caesar and Cleopatra—Written by George Bernard Shaw. A wily old general mentors a fiery young queen on the finer points of state-craft.

Julius Caesar—Written by William Shakespeare. A tale of the unintended consequences of political assassination.

Blackfriars also has a robust holiday season as well. Always on the docket is “A Christmas Carol,” along with other fine holiday plays. Those plays will be announced later this fall.

To see the complete calendar, click here.

Dr. Ralph Cohen Presents

Want to take your experience with ASC beyond the performances? Dr. Ralph Cohen, the co-founder of ASC, renowned Shakespeare scholar, and Director of Mission, holds a weekly lecture that is always enjoyed by the audience.

Entertaining as well as enlightening, Dr. Cohen’s charm and good humor nicely complements his unique insight. A Blackfriars favorite, the lectures are held prior to the evening’s performance. To find out when Dr. Cohen speaks, check the schedule here.

There’s nothing like the Blackfriars Theatre anywhere in the world! Book your reservation with the Iris Inn. Then come and see for yourself why people from all over the globe can’t get enough of the American Shakespeare Center.