Why Our Guests Rave About Benny Stivale’s Pizza

Benny's Pizza LogoNeed a fast, filling lunch or dinner but choosy about the ingredients?

Welcome to Benny Stivale’s Pizza at 328 W. Main in Waynesboro! The 19th store to open in the beloved chain, each Benny’s has a special second part to the name.

For Waynesboro, that last name is Stivale which means rain boots. If you’re familiar with downtown, you know that it has flooded over the years. So Stivale was a good name tie-in to downtown Waynesboro!


What Makes Benny Stivale’s Pizza So Good

Benny Stivale's Pizza Slice

$5 pizza slice at Benny Stivales’s
photo credit: Angela Duhon

Benny’s isn’t just another pizza place. It’s the home of the Virginia Slice. And what a slice it is. Check out the size of it. That will fill you up when you’re on the go.

And then there are the 28” pizzas! We guarantee you will not leave hungry. But fast food usually means less quality.

Not so with Benny’s Pizza!

While Benny’s is all about preparing food fast and inexpensively, they are just as committed to quality. All of the ingredients are sourced right here in the good old U.S. of A.

Flour—From the vast plains of the mid-west.

Olive oil—Benny’s uses domestically grown Corto olives.

Sauce—The tomatoes are grown at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

Cheese—Sourced from happy cows on the wide-open pastures of Minnesota and custom-blended.

Meats—Farmed from the great Midwest.


About the Pizzas

Benny Stivale's pizza pie

Photo credit: Angela Duhon


Each 28″ pizza has a thin golden brown crust topped with creamy mozzarella that’s baked until it’s lightly crisped and bubbly.

So, sit down and have a beer or cold drink with a pizza that’s large enough to feed two families!

Toppings are limited so it keeps the menu simple and the quality high. Benny Stivale’s also serves its own unique five-cheese blend, a little different twist from the traditional pizza cheese of choice, mozzarella.

Besides cheese, enjoy pepperoni, sliced Italian sausage or garlic mushroom. They also have specials each month like Broccoli & Beer Cheese and Ham, Bacon & Pineapple.

And with reviews that consistently rank at 4.5 stars, the pizza is not only good, but the service is great, too!



Benny’s Gives Back to the Community, Too

Raising money is a constant job for non-profits, and that’s where Benny Stivale’s lends a helping hand. Any non-profit can register for a Dough Raiser Night. A portion of the sales, usually about 15%, will be donated back to the organization.

If you’re looking for a fun, casual place to eat that enjoys supporting its community, head over to Benny Stivale’s. We’re sure you’ll add your 4-5 star review as well!

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