Millennials: Why You Should Crush Friday in the Shenandoah Valley

Crush FridayMeetings, spreadsheets, and microwaved lunches…it’s one way to crush a Friday, huh? In fact, for motivated Millennials across the country, this is how you crush almost every Friday!

Hey, we know your generation has gotten a bad rap about being perceived as lazy and entitled.

But we also know that YOU are working extremely hard at your job, so much so, ambitious Millennials now have a new title, Work Martyr.

What?! That’s no good for anybody; not you, not your boss, not your company! Work martyrs are overworked and stressed out. (And not much fun to be around. Just sayin.’) But you’re so far in the weeds, you sometimes can’t see it. Even when your co-workers, friends, and family say, “Hey, take a day off. You’ll feel better!”

And you know what? They’re right. Working to the breaking point can actually break your career! Taking time off, even one extra day tacked onto a weekend, can increase your productivity at your job.

Think about it. Last year alone, 54% of workers didn’t use all of their vacation time. That means that 54% of workers, including Millennials, said, “No, no, I can’t go! I’ve got to get one more thing done. And one more. And one more.”

Here’s the irony. If you had stepped away from your laptop to take a hike, ski, swim, soak in a hot tub, or enjoy a wine or beer tasting, your brain could take a break and that’s when the magic begins.

Crush Friday: The Work Benefits of Slowing Down

Iris Inn Hot TubWhen you’re not flooring it at a 100 MPH, you give your brain a rest. It says, “Finally, I can get some work done!” Sitting in a hot tub thinking about nothing is when your brain gives you the answers you’ve been chasing.

Want that raise? That bonus? Take a day off and come to the Iris Inn. We’ve got hot tubs and plush accommodations. The Valley has hikes, theater, wine and beer tastings, history, music festivals, and so much more.

With our Sip & … (take your pick) add-ons, your overworked brain, and stressed out body will be humming in no time. Taking a break is the best food you can feed your brain to spark your creativity and your worth to your company.

So, how’s that for climbing the company ladder? Pretty sweet, huh? Now you have a career-boosting reason to crush Friday and not feel guilty about it. It’s actually good for you and your career.

And that’s just with one extra day tacked onto a weekend. Go for it. Shoot your career to the top. Take a day off and come visit the Shenandoah Valley. We’re Virginia’s mountain playground!

Book with us here and let the play begin!