Miss Coo: The Inn’s Little Black Shadow

Here at the Iris Inn, we usually have furry visitors of many shapes and sizes. In 2014, one visitor was a black cat. It was fitting, as it was fall and just after Halloween.

Miss Coo

First sighting of Miss Coo

The feline was a little skittish and wary of humans, but after a patient person spent time sitting nearby and talking, she relaxed. Her advocate named her Miss Coo because the quiet noise the cat made when ‘talking’ back reminded them of a dove’s coo.

The cat quickly became very round, so fast that we suspected it was not from food. The thought of her being pregnant was too pressing to ignore, and there was only one way to know.

Getting Miss Coo into a pet carrier to go to the vet was quite the task and ended with a scared, eerily silent cat in a crate. The visit proved our suspicions correct and required this young cat with a life of only being outdoors to live inside temporarily.

For a week and a half, Miss Coo had to be confined to a small bathroom, but her advocate provided for every need they could. She cried to be let out every day, to run free again.

When she was allowed out she made a home anywhere she could, but beneath the front

Miss Coo Today

Miss Coo Today

porch seemed to be a favorite place. Often, when everyone was in their rooms, Miss Coo would wander out and sit on a chair on the porch.

The inn is now her home. If you visit, keep an eye out for a black shadow wandering the ground or sunning herself near the front steps.

Sit down long enough on those steps by yourself and our shadow might come greet you. Just don’t let her trick you into thinking she hasn’t eaten. She has a knack for begging now.