A Wrinkle in Time: How Travel Works Its Magic

The Magic Travel Brings into Our Lives

Traveling is the universal breath of fresh air! We go to see the world and leave our ordinary lives behind. We go because we want to find something greater than ourselves. And, we want to return home, way more than the sum of our parts.

From extraordinary landscapes, distant cultures, unusual traditions, and exotic foods, traveling expands us, fills us up, and makes us want to experience even more!

As world-class travelers, Dave and Heidi Lanford of the Iris Inn know this. They have traveled to many distant countries such as Australia and New Zealand. And they always come back renewed.

Their last trip to Inverness, Scotland was no exception. In fact, the trip added a little extra kick. They found to their delight, that travel not only expanded them, connected them to others, it also worked a little magic.

Roddie Hume TravelNo, the Ness River, home of the Loch Ness sea monster, didn’t cast a spell, although it certainly tried!

The Scottish people were gracious, and they had a great time. But this time, travel gave them a wink. Two weeks after they returned from Inverness, a young man by the name of Roddie Hume booked a room at the Inn.

It seems that Roddie, bagpipes in hand, was on his way to South Carolina to play at a wedding. As the couple talked with Roddie, all three were astounded to discover that they had a connection, Inverness, Scotland!

Roddie is a resident there and was delighted to talk to the innkeepers about his home. Dave and Heidi, in turn, were just as thrilled to share what they saw and learned about Roddie’s home.

Call it serendipity, or a wrinkle in time. But when you expand your horizons, traveling for the sheer joy of losing yourself in that experience, you bring a little magic back home. It’s another travel reward that’s not listed in any brochure!

And that magic stays with you, bringing small adventures from time to time right to your door. It’s a fun way of reminding and encouraging us to keep exploring, to keep growing, to keep believing in the magic of living.

Add a little magic to your life! Book your stay with us and enjoy all the gifts that the Shenandoah Valley has to offer.