The Iris Inn Hiking Guide: Trails to Explore Near Us

Hiking Guide to Trails Near the Inn

Iris Inn Cabin

Iris Inn Cabin

Hiking enthusiasts love the Shenandoah Valley’s many trails! And it’s no wonder. Panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains is just one of the many rewards.

And with the Iris Inn’s “Sip & Slip on Your Boots” package, you can also enjoy a picnic lunch for two, a bottle of Virginia wine from one of our local vineyards, and three hiking publications to use in the Shenandoah National Park.


But what if you want to know how easy or strenuous a hike is going to be? Well, we can help you there. Here’s our hiking guide to some of the more popular trails near the Iris Inn and their intensity level.

Iris Inn Hiking Guide to Finding The Right Hike for You

Blackrock Summit Hiking Trail

Blackrock Summit Hiking Trail

Blackrock Summit Trail–Shenandoah National Park is the place to go for all kinds of hiking! This particular hike is fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Supposedly, the rocks resemble “the terrain of a foreign planet.”

2.7 miles. 2 hours. Easy climb

Wintergreen Mountain Resort Trails–Located near the Blue Ridge Parkway, it is part of  Wintergreen Resort. With a total of 30-miles, it’s renown for its preservation program, and it was featured in a 1980’s issue of American Forests magazine.

.3-12 miles. Easy to difficult (several trail options to choose from)

Humpback Rocks–Lyndhurst, Virginia’s Humpback Rocks offer hiking with awe-inspiring views stretching north to south along the Blue Ridge, west toward the Shenandoah Valley, and east to the Piedmont. You’ll also find a small picnic area.

.5-10 miles. Easy to difficult. Stroller/ Wheelchair accessible

Spy Rock--Located in Raphine, this is a long, steady climb along a fire road. Eventually, it will lead you to the Appalachian Trail and then to your destination. Spring is a particularly good time to hike this trail when the rhododendron is in bloom.

Dog-friendly. 3.2 miles.  Moderate climb.1-2 hours to hike.

Crabtree Falls–A beautiful waterfall hike in Raphine! It’s often listed as a “must see” if you’re traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Dog-friendly. 2.8 miles. Moderate climb. 2 hours to hike. 

Sharp Top Hike

Sharp Top

Sharp Top–Not far from Buchanan, VA, Sharp Top offers spectacular 360 views of the  Virginia Piedmont and the Blue Ridge. 

Dog-friendly. 3.3 miles. Moderate climb/Strenuous. 2-4 hours. 

Have another hike you’d like to try but don’t see it here? Go to and enter the hike you want to take. It will give you all the information you need!

Ready to roll? The Iris Inn is the perfect lodging place if you love nature. We’re surrounded by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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