Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey Anyone?

It all started with Alex Toomy’s desire to create a Virginia bourbon Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskeydistillery in the Ragged Mountains, which are just outside of Charlottesville.

He shared that vision with his friends, Chirs Sarpy and Russell Nance, who basically said, “We’re in!”

If they were going to invest in a bourbon distillery, they knew they wanted to make the best possible whiskey.

But since they didn’t know how to do that, the trio hired bourbon artisan, Dave Pickerell, who did. He taught them the old school, time-honored methods for producing the finest bourbon whiskey possible.

That just goes to show you how committed they are to crafting authentic Virginia Straight Bourbon. These guys don’t do shortcuts.

Sip Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey Like This

Ragged Branch doesn’t purchase alcohol from other distillers. And it doesn’t sell un-aged spirits. That’s just not their style.¬†Ragged Mountain Tasting Room

Each bottle of bourbon is painstakingly distilled and aged the right way in-house. It’s all about commitment to the distilling tradition, and that means generously folding in patience to produce excellence.

All crops are locally sourced and have absorbed minerals that are unique to the area, which makes the flavor unique as well. The mash bill is completed with malted barley, ground, and cooked right on-site. Four days later, the mash turns to alcohol.

It’s then distilled¬†in a 500-gallon custom built Vendome still. Then it’s aged in white virgin oak charred barrels.

When you sip whiskey this good, you need a view that’s as breathtaking as the smooth whiskey you’re drinking. And you can do just that at the distillery.

The tasting room is located on a knoll with sweeping Virginia panoramic views of its namesake, Ragged Mountains.

You can also sample signature cocktails, as well as either wheated or rye Virginia straight bourbon whiskey.

In cooler weather, there’s always a fire to accompany the warmth of the whiskey, as well as the beautiful view.

If good bourbon whiskey is your passion, make it a point to visit Ragged Branch. You’ll quickly appreciate their tagline. “Sip it slowly, savor the flavor.”

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