Artisans Studio Tour: What’s New This Year

Eco PrintingThis marks the 23rd year for the Artisans Studio Tour, and what a tour it is! There will be 24 open studios with 45 artisans hosting the event and seven new exhibitors.

What exactly is the Tour? Think winery tour or beer trails except you’re going to see extraordinary crafters sharing with you how they create their art.

You’ll find crafters from Lovingston, Crozet, and the Charlottesville area, all opening their studios, waiting to share with you how they create their works.

It’s a two-day event that spans the weekend of November 11 & 12 with many visitors planning to take full advantage of both days.

Here’s why you should consider doing the same!

The Artisans of the Artisans Studio Tour

With 45 artisans, expect to see crafts from a wide range of mediums like Dave Heller’s dave heller furniturecustom designed furniture. Dave’s style is wood with a spectacular grain, marquetry designs, elegant geometric patterns, as well as furniture from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods.

Dave loves designing furniture that is both elegant and practical.

Whether you want the piece to stand out or to seamlessly blend in, Heller & Heller creates furniture that reflects your lifestyle.

As Dave says, ““I design and make elegant classical furniture, primarily in the Federal and Art Deco styles. Shape and function are graceful and appropriate. I use solid woods, veneers, brass and fine cloth, and traditional construction techniques to evoke heirloom quality and feel.”

sarah tremaine



Sarah Tremaine, on the other hand, is a Crozet fiber artist. She creates garments and accessories for women and some items for men.

Using wet felting, hand dyeing and botanical printing, Sarah creates wearable art such as dresses, tunics, scarves, and tops that are both unique and timeless.

All of Sarah’s work is nature inspired. Her tagline sums it up. “Inspired by Nature, Made by Hand.”





Anne R. Hanson’s jewelry is absolutely exquisite. Just like Sarah, Anne finds her anne hanson jewelryinspiration in nature. She likes to create organic shapes that flow, as well as textures that
pair contemporary lines and forms.

Her jewelry is both lightweight and highly polished. Each piece is also a tiny sculpture that was created using traditional smithing techniques.

The results are extraordinary!

And that’s just three artists out of a line up of 45! To get a detailed look at all of the participating artists, go to the Artisan Studio Tour website. Prepare to be amazed.

Then make your lodging reservation with us. The Iris Inn is the perfect complement to this event. Just like these fine crafters, we take our cue from nature, too. 

You’ll find our surroundings incredibly relaxing with a vista of the Blue Ridge Mountains. (It’s really hard to beat!)

Come join us and spend a weekend with others who take their inspiration from nature, too!