Harry Potter Comes To Town!

Queen City Potter Party


Once a year, in the town over from the Iris Inn, Staunton Virginia is transformed into the mythical village of Hogsmeade. Wizards and muggles from far and wide eagerly descend on the town to express their love for this much-beloved story.

The Queen City Potter Party, which is held September 22-24, 2017, is an entertaining and family friendly festival that’s sure to please.

Staunton Businesses Transform into Harry Potter Magick

Thanks to the involvement of many of the downtown Staunton businesses, the main street is magically transformed. All Potterheads can experiment with potions at Slugs and Jiggers, enjoy butter Beer at Three Broomstricks, or try your hand at taming wild beasts at the Magickal Menagerie.

You’ll be greeted by Norberta the Dragon and encouraged to take selfies! So don’t miss that opportunity. And if you like, wear a Harry Potter costume. You’ll find many lovers of the books and film decked out in true Harry Potter style.

As part of Staunton’s Harry Potter transformation, you can use the Marauder’s Map to unlock the secrets of Diagon Alley.

And while you’re exploring downtown Staunton, use the free Horcrux Hunting apps, Staunton VA's Harry Potter PartyTraipse, to help you find all of the Horcruxes while solving some wizardly woes, too.

Of course, there will be Hogsmeade shops in abundance. From Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe, also known as the Staunton Antique Center & Artisan Loft, with edible magic wands made from doughnut dough to themed art in the Artisan’s Loft.

At Carkitt Market, or Cranberry’s, there’s a free Harry Potter scavenger hunt with prizes. And you can find Harry himself in his cupboard under the stairs!

At the Ministry of Magic, also known as Crack the Code Escape Room, there will be evening tours of the famed Ministry of Magic. Get tickets in advance or at the door. This one is reservation only, so don’t tarry.  You can “crack the code” in one of their escape rooms while you’re at it.

The list goes on and you can see it in its entirety here. 

The festival goes on all weekend. Or, you can choose what days you want to attend. Get ready! It’s going to be a ton of fun.

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