Heifetz Festival of Concerts: See with your Ears

If you enjoy the lovely sounds of string music then the Heifetz Festival of Concerts at Mary Baldwin College may be just what you’re looking for while staying at the Inn. Offering a variety of different musicians and many different dates you should be able to find time in your schedule for at least one.

The Heifetz Institute

The Heifetz Institute is a summer string program hosted aheifetz institue hootenannyt Mary Baldwin College in Staunton. The program they host at the college is only open to outstanding string players ages 13-25. They are involved in intense training and concert sessions throughout the summer and end with a bang with the Festival of Concerts. They even do some “cross over” performances with local musicians from a variety of genres during their Saturday night “Hootenannies”.

The Music Opportunities

The music opportunities offered to the students are endless. The Stars of Tommorow series has 5 performances a week while the Celebrity Series offers students the opportunity to perform with the Heifetz faculty. On Saturday nights the students perform heifetz summer programon the Page Terrace with other musician during the Heiftez Hootenanny. They could even be invited to participate in Heifetz on Tour which is only for alumni of the program and tours nationwide. Some even get invited to audition or join orchestra programs when they are done. You are bound to enjoy what you hear while listening to these young people perform.

Close your eyes and see with your ears

Because you are just down the road you are invited to close your eyes and see with your ears. Tickets start at just $10 for some of these concerts and are available for purchase online. A few of the concerts are even followed by a happy hour to continue your enjoyment and mingle with the performers.heifetz concert hall  It’s even been said that this area is home to the greatest concert audience in the world. In the auditorium or outside you are bound to enjoy what you hear.


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