Afton Mountain Vineyards: Grapes Don’t Grow in Ugly Places

While visiting the Inn you’ll want to take some time to travel to Afton Mountain Vineyards and the wonderful wines that they have to offer. The Smith’s  purchased the vineyard in 2009 and have taken great care to turn it into the great place it has become.

 Afton Mountain Vineyard and Views

One of the mottos at the vineyard is that “grapes don’t grow in ugly places” and boy were they right. The views are great while traveling there and enjoying your glass or bottle of wine.afton mountain vineyard va Located in close proximity to both Humpback Gap and Rockfish Gap the area is full of beautiful scenery and wildlife. Not only having the mountains as part of your view but also the many acres of vines to take in as well should help you to relax a bit.


A bit of Historyafton mountain vineyard grape vines

The vineyard does have a bit of history as one of the first farm wineries in the state the original vines were planted in 1978. Since the current owners purchased the property the growing acres have doubled in size. The tasting room has been in operation since 1991. They offer several varieties of award winning white and red for tastings and purchase by the glass or bottle. If you really like what you try you can even become a member of the Afton Mountain Vineyards Wine Club.

Things to do at the Vineyard pavilion at afton mountain vineyards

Since it’s open year round there are many things to do at the vineyard. Bring some lunch or grab some crackers, cheese and cured meats and take in a picnic at the pavilion. Through out the summer and fall months there is live music at least once a month that the whole family is invited to enjoy. They even welcome your furry friends in the outdoor grassy areas as long as they are leashed.

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