Starry Night at Veritas

Veritas Vineyard: 2017 Starry Nights

While packing for your stay at the Inn make sure to bring a blanket and your dancing shoes and make reservations to attend Starry Nights at Veritas Vineyard.

A Starry Night Getaway

Wouldn’t it be great to just kick back with a glass of wine, take a break and enjoy some wonderful tunes. If you are planning to stay with us during the week or weekend of June 17th you’ll be able to do just that. You’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in this month’s Starry Night event at Veritas Vineyard. If you can’t make it out to Starry Night in June just remember there will be other performances in July, August and September that you can attend. Or you can come and enjoy all four months.

Motown Classics at Starry Nights

You can enjoy some Motown Classics with this month’s artists Jimi Smooth and HitTime. starry night bandThey hail from the Washington DC area and they are bringing their big sound to our little part of the world for one night. These gentlemen have performed all over the DC area and at many professional sporting events. They like to keep everything fun and everyone having a good time.

Winery Tasting Under the Stars

Travel just up the mountain to take in a glass or bottle of some of the best wine this part of Virginia has to offer. What started as five acres of grapes has quickly become a business that the whole Hodson family is a part of. No longer just a few vines just for wine making but now a full fledged winery and event venue. You can experience anything from an afternoon alone tasting wine to a group tasting to enjoying your special day making memories there. The amazing views alone are worth the glasses

Remember to buy a bottle or a few for the rest of your stay at the Inn or for yourself to enjoy when you return home. Don’t worry you can restock by ordering online after you find that you would like more.

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