5 Reasons We Are Thankful at the Iris Inn

ThankfulQuoteThanksgiving will be here soon, but that’s certainly not the only day of the year to be grateful for all that we have. While “30 Days of Thanks” has been a trending subject on social media, we figure that a list of 30 things we’re thankful for would probably be a bit long. So, we’ve narrowed it down to 5 things that we’re thankful for at the Iris Inn:
  1. Our guests. Of course our guests has to be number 1 on our list! Without guests, a B&B is pointless. You make us what we are, and we are so thankful for the continued support and kind words that you offer, both in person and online.
  2. The view. Even after all these years of living on a mountaintop in the Shenandoah Valley, the view never ceases to take our breath away. From the colorful sunsets to the snow-capped winter scenery, the views are ever-changing and ever-beautiful.
  3. Breakfast. There’s no better way to start the day than with a hearty, Southern meal, and we’re thankful not only to partake in them, but also to be able to share them with our guests.
  4. Katie the Border Collie. Katie is beloved by all who meet her, and really, she’s more of a canine innkeeper than just a pet. Her tail chasing, people herding, and gentle manner are only a few of the reasons everybody loves Katie.
  5. The Shenandoah Valley. We already mentioned the view, but the Valley is so much more than just the aesthetics. There is a vibrant history and culture here that we enjoy exploring, and it includes everything from local wine to Virginia history.
Happy 30 Days of Thanks! What are you thankful for? iris-cabin-01-edit