Charge Your Electric Vehicle with the Tesla Destination Charging Program

19381_10153236457213913_5442204103081965424_nIf you didn’t catch our press release this past May, you may not know about the new amenity that we’re offering free to Iris Inn guests. We have recently teamed up with Tesla Motors and Select Registry to provide an increasingly sought after amenity—a Tesla Destination Charging Station—in order to keep up with the growing movement of environment awareness, particularly in the area of electric vehicles.

The primary benefit of offering charging equipment right onsite at the Iris Inn is that it’s a great convenience for you, our electric vehicle-driving guests. You can hit the road all day, stop at our B&B for a mountainous getaway, charge your vehicle, and then be on your way with great memories in mind. We provide an 80A Tesla Wall Connector, as well as a charger for other, non-Tesla electric cars.

(Also, while guests enjoy these chargers for free, they’re not the only ones who can use them; non-guests also have the opportunity to take advantage of the charging station for a $15 fee.)

You may be wondering what inspired us to install this electric vehicle charging station. It started in California, where we were meeting our second granddaughter for the first time. When found ourselves driving by the Tesla plant and then began to notice Teslas on the road as we continued our vacation.

We eventually decided to add a charging station to the B&B’s other high-end amenities (like our cabins’ screened-in decks with hot tubs, heated bathroom floors, and oversized couples’ shower!).

So if you’re an electric vehicle driver, but you’re hesitant to go on long getaways because of charging uncertainty, then you can rest easy on your next Shenandoah Valley getaway; the Iris Inn has you covered!