Crunch Your Way Through Route 11 Potato Chips

chipsAmerica loves potato chips. Whether it’s Lay’s Ruffled Chips, Cool Ranch Doritos, or Frito-Lay Sunchips, most people indulge every once in a while in these crispy, crunchy morsels. Here in Virginia, we are lucky enough to have our own fantastic brand of potato chips, made by the the company Route 11, which is located in Mt. Jackson, Virginia.

According to Route 11’s official website, their chip recipe is “simple,” including only “good potatoes, high quality oil and unusually delicious seasonings,” and this company certainly succeeds in the quality of their snacks! Not only are the chips delectable, but they have different flavors for different preferences (meaning that all you picky eaters out there have a wide variety from which to choose)! You’ll have check out their complete list of  flavors, but here’s a hint of what they offer: Chesapeake Crab, Dill Pickle, Garlic and Herb, Mixed Vegetable, and Sweet Potato.

Did you know that you can also visit Route 21 and feast your eyes on a frying demonstration? Indeed you can, though they recommend calling beforehand to make certain of their cooking hours.

Happy Eating!