How to Pound Flowers into Artwork

Did you know that you can create a floral motif with little more than fresh flowers and a hammer? Our few of our recent guests participated in an activity known as “flower pounding,” which resulted in beautifully creative works of art that made the perfect souvenir from their Iris Inn getaway. Since not everyone has the opportunity to flower pound at our B&B, we thought maybe you’d like to give it a try on your own. So, without further ado, here are your flower pounding instructions: What You’ll Need: –          Fresh flowers and greenery –          Plain, 100% cotton fabric. (We recommend muslin.) –          Alum for pre-treating the fabric –          Washing soda for pre-treating the fabric –          Water and a bucket –          Wax paper –          Hammer –          Wide Masking Tape Pre-Treating the Fabric: 1. Pre-wash your fabric using regular laundry detergent and 2 tablespoons of washing soda. 2. Soak the fabric for two hours in a bucket filled with 2 cups of hot water and 1/4 cup of alum per yard of fabric. 3. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of washing soda in 1/2 cup hot water for every yard of fabric, then add to the bucket. Let sit for at least 8 hours. 4. Wring out the fabric and let it dry. (Do not rinse.) The Pounding Process:
  1. Make sure your fabric is clean and cut into whatever size and shape you desire.
  2. Lay wax paper over your work surface. (A cement floor or sidewalk work best, but you can always use a cutting board on a softer surface.)
  3. Lay the fabric over the wax paper.
  4. Arrange your flowers and/or greenery on the fabric in a design of your choosing. IMG_2195
  5.  Place the masking tape directly on top of the flowers, and tape flowers to the material. Overlap the tape. Once taped, the flowers will be secured. The tape should extend beyond the material and onto the wax paper.
  6. Grab your hammer and gently pound over the tape. Work evenly across all of the fabric, and check the underside of the wax paper to see if the colors of the flowers and greenery have bled through.IMG_2205
  7. When you are finished, carefully peel the tape from the material. (All flowers will stick to the tape, any residue on the material can be brushed off.)Allow the fabric to dry completely. IMG_2212
  8. Enjoy your work of art! IMG_2223Photos by Glenn Martin.

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  1. This was a treat that we got to enjoy on top of everything else Iris Inn had to offer! Thank you to Glenn for allowing us to partake in this craft and for making our stay so enjoyable. Can’t wait to go back!!

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