A Future Speed Skating Olympian Visits the Iris Inn

We were recently honored to host an extraordinary guest here at the Iris Inn, a fifteen-year old athlete by the name of Gabriella Hachem, along with her mother Mina. If you haven’t heard of Gabriella, she is currently ranked #2 in the United States in speed skating, and in 2013, she was #1 in her age group! Right now, she is participating in an extremely demanding training program in Potomac, Maryland and is well on her way to participating as a competitor in the 2018 U.S. Olympics. olympian2Gabriella was a figure skater for four years until shifting to speedskating in 2011: “By March 2013, she went to her first national competition and was named the 13-to-14 year-old age group national champion. Right after the tournament, she jumped to United Capital” (Gazette.net). olympian So, what does a future Olympic competitor do to unwind? Relax at a Virginia bed and breakfast! Gabriella and her mother decided to visit the Iris Inn on a Spring Break getaway, where they enjoyed excursions to the nearby presidential homes (Monticello, Montpelier, Ash-Lawn Highland, and the Woodrow Wilson Library and Museum) as well as dining at the Green Leaf Grill in Waynesboro. (Gabriella especially enjoyed the Green Leaf’s Po’ Boy.) olympian3 Good luck on your training, Gabriella! The Iris Inn will be cheering for you, and we hope to see you at the 2018 Olympics.