The Red Chair Travels to the Iris Inn

What is “The Red Chair”? Is it a new novel by Stephen King? Or perhaps a society of woodworkers? No, at its most basic, the Red Chair is just that—a red chair. It is a simple seat painted a vibrant shade of red, with origins at a bed and breakfast in New England. It began as the subject of a photo posted on Facbook and then traveled with a photographer from California who had asked to borrow it. Suddenly, the Red Chair had a greater purchase than just a place to park one’s posterior. It represented travel and exploration, and “became a symbol, a metaphor for connections made across invisible boundaries” (Red Chair Travels). Now, the Chair has traveled all over New England and various other regions of the U.S., and it is beginning to make its way to Virginia. We know what you all are wondering: “Will the Red Chair be coming to the Iris Inn?” The answer is yes! On October 18, 19, and 20, 2013, we will be hosting the now-famous Red Chair, the poignant embodiment of a journey to new places. The Chair is certain to look magnificent with the autumn hues of the Shenandoah Valley as a backdrop, and we look forward to the appearance of this esteemed “guest.” If you would like to make a reservation for one of the Red Chair days, click here. Keep up with the Red Chair Travels here. The Red Chair Travels