Hard Cider in Virginia

While Virginia’s wineries and breweries have received a good deal of attention recently, there’s one more beverage that has also been growing in popularity around this area– hard cider. Virginia Living states, “These ciders are a good start to fighting off those winter doldrums and experiment with what’s being grown and fermented all around us.” If you are a fan of hard cider, or you would like to try it for the first time, then you’re in luck since we have a couple excellent cideries nearby:

Castle Hill

“Originally built in 1764, in Keswick, Virginia, Castle Hill was the home of Colonel Thomas Walker, guardian and mentor to Thomas Jefferson. Today, Castle Hill reclaims its glory as a cidery” (Castle Hill).

Castle Hill boasts four blends of ciders named Gravity, Levity, Terrestrial, and Celestial: “Terrestrial, and Celestial, like Gravity and Levity, or the volatile and the fixed, are a complementary pair of concepts. The soil and the sunshine together give rise to the apple and thus the cider. We strive to express the harmony and balance of these principles in the ciders.”

Sample these ciders for yourself in the Castle Hill Tasting Room, a display of warmth and elegance with a Mahogany bar, white oak paneling, French doors, and a fieldstone fireplace. Click here if you’d like to explore their online shop.


Albemarle CiderWorks

Albemarle CiderWorks is “a family-run Cidery and Tasting Room that produces hard cider from heritage varieties of apples that can thrive in Albemarle County, Virginia.” Try out their delicious variety of ciders: Jupiter’s Legacy, Old Virginia Winesap, Royal Pippin, and Ragged Mountain. Visit the tasting room for yourself to thoroughly appreciate Albemarle CiderWorks. The tasting room is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. “Tastings are available for patrons 21 years of age or older at $5.00 per person.”

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Photo by Patrick Geltinger

Photo by Patrick Geltinger