James Beeler Decorates The Iris Inn With His Photography

Of all the decorations at the Iris Inn, we’ve found some of the most striking and eye-catching pieces to be our artwork, most of which is the product of local talent. We’ve continued this pattern with our new cabins, and we are so pleased to be displaying the signed photography of the enormously gifted James Beeler.

Mr. Beeler states, “I have only been serious about photography for a little over two years now…In September of 2010, I took the picture that is hanging at the Iris Inn, a picture that I would consider my signature piece. I met Dave and Heidi at the Waynesboro Fall Foliage Festival this past year.  They were interested in purchasing some canvases for their brand new cabins.  When they told me they wanted seven, my eyes lit up!  It was my first festival, [and] my goal was just not to lose any money.  I never expected anything like this to happen.  After a couple of meetings and discussions, we decided on the canvas that is hanging above the bed in the new cabins…It’s still very surreal to me to walk into the cabins and see my picture hanging on the wall, to think to myself, ‘I took that.’  I think it fits perfect[ly] in the room, and it being captured here locally makes it even better.”

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James signing his photograph