Iris Inn Gift Certificates, Oh Yeah!

The holiday season is upon us, and even if you’ve forgotten, the stores certainly haven’t. (Poor Thanksgiving seems to have become the forgotten middle child in between Halloween and Christmas.) If you’re struggling to think of a gift to give this season, allow the Iris Inn to help you out. We offer gift certificates to be purchased and given at your leisure. In case you need convincing, feel free to peruse this list of five reasons why you should purchase an Iris Inn gift certificate for the holiday season: 1. You will undoubtedly be the most envied of all gift-givers at your holiday party. Seriously, can a pair of socks, however fuzzy, compete with a contribution toward a bed and breakfast getaway? I think not. 2. You don’t have to fight the Black Friday crowds to buy your gift. In fact, you don’t have to fight any crowds, since the gift certificates are available for purchase online. 3. You’ll have a huge head start on shopping for gifts. Knowing what to buy someone is half the battle, so this will make it easier on you as the days progress. 4. We have brand new cabins! Although all our rooms are positively fabulous (though we may be a bit biased in our opinions), we are particularly fond of our new cabins, and they make a most tempting incentive to plan an Iris Inn getaway. Further that incentive by giving a gift certificate. 5. You’re giving someone something much more than a physical gift. Gifts are often used and then forgotten, but a B&B getaway creates memories that will be cherished in the future.