The Green Family

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs for a while, you may remember the fire that we had here a few months back, and as a result, the heroic actions of two young cadets from Fishburne Military School. One of these cadets, Collin, was recently joined by his twin brother Ryan for their senior year at Fishburne, and their family was featured in a news piece about the military school. We are delighted to be able to claim the Green family, including Colin, Ryan, and their parents Liz and Bob, as guests of the Iris Inn for the past four years. The young men always anticipate a nice, hot shower after the grueling nature of their schooling, and we are always ready to prepare their favorite breakfast for them—corned beef hash. The news piece quotes Liz as affirming the rigorous schedule that Fishburne cadets follow, as well as the resulting discipline. We, too, are thankful for such discipline, as it prompted quick and logical reactions among the cadets who saw the first signs of the fire at our inn. Thank you again, Collin, for your level-headed aid in stopping the fire, and thank you, Green family, for your loyalty to the Iris Inn!

Liz and Bob packing up the car at the end of the year (2011)

Bob (left) and son Ryan

Colin and a fellow Fishburne cadet