Cool Off with Our Divine Icy Wine

Is there any doubt that the weather around here has been blisteringly hot? In fact, in a couple days, it’s supposed to reach close to 100 degrees! Now, you have several options to beat the heat, most of which include either swimming, consuming vast amounts of water, or laying motionless while praying that the air conditioner keeps you cool. However, if you want a tasty alternative, we here at the Iris Inn offer a delectable little treat known as Divine Icy Wine: “Turn your wine into a frozen delight!” Directions: Combine contents with 4 to 6 cups of water to taste. Add 1 bottle of dry white wine. Stir until dissolved. Freeze 6 or more hours. Thaw for 1 hour. Stir, serve and enjoy! We offer such delicious flavors as Tropical Delight and Sweet Red. Next time you’re staying at the inn, be sure to inquire about our Divine Icy Wine, and fight the miserable heat with the fine taste of wine.