A Gift of Warmth: A Blanket From an Iris Inn Guest

The kindness of strangers is oftentimes overlooked, especially in an age where it is easy to become cynical. But every once in a while, someone will surprise you with a thoughtful act. We meet a lot of wonderful people here at our inn. One such wonderful person is Wendy. Wendy and her husband Jeff hail from Pennsylvania, and after finding the Iris Inn last fall by means of an online search, they bookmarked our website and planned to visit. Wendy, however, ended up breaking her ankle, so she and her husband postponed their trip to give the injury time to heal. In the meantime, Wendy became the Crochet Queen, crafting a series of beautiful baby blankets. After gifting the blankets to various people, Wendy found that she had one still remaining. Jeff questioned her as to whom she would give this final blanket. Wendy’s answer was simple—“Heidi Lanford.” Eventually, Jeff and Wendy made it to the Iris Inn, and Wendy humbly presented her last baby blanket to Heidi. Having never before met Wendy, Heidi was speechless and incredibly touched by the gift. Not only had Heidi recently become a first-time grandmother, but the blanket also included two of her favorite colors, and Wendy had known neither of these things when choosing Heidi as the recipient of her gift. Needless to say, Wendy’s blanket made a lasting impression on the innkeepers of the Iris Inn. Thank you, Wendy.  

Wendy and the Blanket

Wendy and Heidi