A Fire at Iris Inn

We here at the Iris Inn have been lucky to meet some wonderful individuals who pass through as our guests. Two of these individuals, Colin and Derek, proved not only to be polite and respectful young men—traits that mirrored their training at Fishburne Military School—but they also showed themselves to be calm and collected in an extreme situation. On the night of February 18, 2012, a fire broke out beneath the porch of our bed and breakfast. Colin and Derek were the first to notice the fire. Derek stayed with the flames to see if there was any way he could tend to them, as Colin calmly made his way into the inn, quietly insisting that Dave follow him to see something. The way in which he approached Dave kept the situation from becoming panicked chaos. The arrival of the fire department was delayed, and during the wait, the young men requested a fire extinguisher and baking soda, then making every attempt to help smother the flames. When the fire trucks eventually arrived, Colin and Derek aided the men in unloading the hose, while speaking with the fire chief, and giving a brief interview to the media. Colin and Derek are two remarkable young men, sensible and level-headed. We offered them a “heroes dinner” to thank them for their help, but nothing we do can adequately express our gratitude. The fire undoubtedly would have been too much for us to handle without their assistance. And so, Colin and Derek, you have the deepest thanks of the Iris Inn.