Bed and Breakfast Scrapbookers, 2011

Here at the Iris Inn, we have the privilege of meeting a wide variety of individuals who stay here as guests. Some are so nice and engaging that we’re sad to see them leave. Others are more disagreeable, and we’re not so terribly sad when they make their departure. And then there are some guests who are just downright terrifying. The scrapbookers fall into this latter category. No, I’m totally kidding. The scrapbookers are a wonderful group of ladies. *twitch* Hailing from northern Virginia, this lively party of women descends on the Iris Inn with much laughter and merry-making. They call themselves the Crop Tarts and are comprised of about thirteen individuals, 1,000 bags of luggage, and around 2,000 boxes of craft materials. (Please note that this is a gross exaggeration, and I humbly apologize if you overlooked the sarcasm.) So, what is the big deal about scrapbooking? Have no fear; I’m about to tell you. The preservation of memories is at the heart of scrapbooking, and for the ladies of the Crop Tarts, their craft is not only an excuse to get away for the weekend, but it is also a way to partake in a hobby that they describe as “a type of therapy,” an “obsession,” and “a way of life.” It’s a brief respite from the hectic pace of everyday life and also an outlet for stifled creativity. As with most forms of art, scrapbooking reflects the personality of the artist. From photographs of friends, family, and pets to bits of poetry or famous quotations, the design of a scrapbook is virtually limitless and depends entirely on the individual. On the whole, the main goal of a scrapbooker is just to have fun, as demonstrated by the energy and enthusiasm of the Crop Tarts. Trust me, I could blather on and on about how fantastic scrapbooking is, but you would be much better off trying it for yourself. And what better place for artistic inspiration than the Iris Inn? For information and ideas about scrapbooking, visit the cleverly named