The Iris Inn, According to Mystery Writer Dirk Robertson

Dirk Robertson is a wonderfully fascinating individual whom we have come to know during his visits at the Iris Inn. He is a professional speaker, author and musician, a trained Shakespearean actor, a consultant in Social Welfare and Media Studies, and a community liaison officer for the Waynesboro Police Department. Check out his personal website for a full description of his many achievements as well as a glimpse of his history in Scotland (that’s right….he has an amazing Scottish accent): Recently, we had the pleasure of witnessing Dirk’s first time roasting marshmallows, an American tradition that is not commonly practiced in Europe, and that experience illustrated what an amiable individual Dirk is. And now, in Dirk’s own words, here is his experience at the Iris Inn: “If you travel frequently, or maybe only now and again, it matters where you stay. The quality of your Hotel, hostel, or friend’s spare room dictates whether you have a time to remember or a “once in a lifetime” holiday. “Once in a lifetime?” – it means “I am never doing that again!” Then there are the Inns. This means something quite different depending on the country and in America, which State. If you are in Virginia, near the town of Waynesboro then that means the IRIS INN. I have frequented some of the premier establishments around the world and Dave and Heidi Lanford, the Innkeepers, have some of them beaten, hands down, for service, enthusiasm, ambiance and generosity of spirit. The Inn is located in the woods away from passing traffic and is beautifully decorated, easily matching places which demand far more of your hard earned dollars. I write mystery stories, professionally and I guarantee the IRIS INN will never feature in my work as there is no mystery about quality.” Dirk Robertson July 2011  

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