Iris Inn Engagement Story, 2011

Bed and Breakfasts seem to be the perfect setting for romance, and we here at the Iris Inn have been privileged to accommodate weddings, honeymoons, proposals, and engagements. We recently had a young woman, Stephanie, stay with us, and she told us the romantic story of how her fiance proposed to her. Stephanie and Hoang had started along a beautiful nature path on their way to a cupcake store. Although this was nothing unusual, Hoang seemed especially devastated when Stephanie initially changed her mind about their walk to the store. Thus, seeing the disappointment on his face, Stephanie agreed to the walk (and I’m sure now she’s glad she did!). Hoang drifted back a bit, and Stephanie figured he had to tie his shoe, but after a bit, he still failed to catch up with her. She turned and saw that Hoang was standing amidst the forest trees, his hands adjusting something above his head. Stephanie lifted her gaze and noticed the two heart-shaped balloons that hanged from overhead, each bearing the inquiry, “Will you marry me?” Trailing down from the balloons was a small basket, holding a large, novelty engagement ring.

The balloons drifted down suddenly, gently descending until they landed at Stephanie’s feet. It was then that Hoang approached her, and in a moment that puts any romantic film to shame, he expressed his feelings toward her, bent down on one knee, pulled out the real engagement ring, and asked her to marry him. (Go ahead…you know you want to say “awwwww.”)

Stephanie accepted, of course, and the happy couple intends to marry November 11, 2011. (Get it? 11/11/11?) Hopefully poor Hoang will have recovered from the poison oak that he reacted to after being in the woods for the proposal…