A Dash of Humility

Today is Humble Day. If your first reaction is anything like mine, you’re asking, “Today is WHAT Day?” Your second reaction may be something like, “I’m a wonderful, loveable, talented individual! Why in the world would I want to be humble???”
And thus, I give you:


  1.  When staying at a bed and breakfast (*cough* The Iris Inn *cough*), humble guests make the innkeepers (and their cleaning staff) much, much happier. And trust me, you want to keep the innkeepers (and their cleaning staff) very happy.
  2.  “Humble” is an awesome word. Who wouldn’t want to be something that sounds as cool as “humble?” Humble. Humble.
  3. On a more serious note, humility allows your step back and examine your own weaknesses.
  4. Sometimes you like to brag about how great you are at something. And then you epically fail at that something. And it would have been way less embarrassing if you had been more humble about that something.
  5. Pride is a common trait, whereas humility is unique. You don’t want to be common, now, do you?
  6. There is always someone better than you. That in itself should be a humbling thought.
  7. Your accomplishments are not due to your efforts alone. You have had teachers throughout your entire life, influencing you in ways you may not even realize. Humility gives them their due credit.
  8. Humility allows you to appreciate the little things, which in turn, allows for a richer life experience.
  9. Pride can hinder potential. Think about all the things you refuse to do because you believe you’re too good for them.
  10. Lastly, humility exhibits gratitude for what we have been given. Pride is an innately selfish characteristic.

I know it’s terribly difficult to surrender such vast pride in your abilities, but at least try to step out of that self-contained bubble of awesomeness. I promise if you add a dash of humility, the soup of life will be much more flavorful. (Yeah, ok, that’s a lame metaphor, but hopefully you get the idea.)

©2008-2011 ~touch-the-flame