Special Occasions

Birthday celebration: Make it an extra special day with flowers or a balloon bouquet. Just choose your room and add the flowers or balloons to your order.

Anniversary Celebration: That special day can be even better when you enjoy freshly dipped chocolate-covered strawberries and chilled champagne in your room. Just choose your room and add the strawberries and champagne to your order.

Ignite the Flame: Often a getaway is special because the trip is personalized just for you. (Your girlfriend has a favorite winery in the area, you’re thinking of proposing while at the Iris Inn, or you would like to have “Will you marry me?” written on her tasting bottle.) Surprise your wife on your first wedding anniversary with a bouquet of flowers just like the flowers she carried down the aisle on your wedding day. (Call us to make it happen.) Celebrating a special anniversary? Imagine your spouse’s surprise when she sees a P. Buckley Moss print, framed and dedicated to you as a couple.