Enjoy a Movie at Zeus Theater in Waynesboro, Virginia

There is something special about seeing a movie in a theater. While it’s not quite as convenient as viewing Netflix from the comfort of your bed or popping in a DVD in your own living room, theaters allow you to enter the world of the film. From the intensity of the surround sound to the larger-than-life scenery, you’re immersed in this visual medium.

We are lucky to have a fantastic movie theater only a few minutes away from the Iris Inn. Zeus Digital Theater, independently owned by Brett Hayes, is an 8-screen, all digital theater that is remarkable in its personal touches, cleanliness, and high quality. With a business meeting room, café seating in the lobby, arcade room, and the opportunity for private screenings, Zeus caters well to its patrons. (Where else could you find a giant papier mâché likeness of Smaug the dragon from The Hobbit?)

Ben Stoll stands in front of Zeus' replica of Smaug

Ben Stoll stands in front of Zeus’ replica of Smaug the Dragon

One specifically impressive area in which Zeus has excelled is in closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Every screen in the theater is “hearing impaired capable” by means of a wireless infrared receiver unit that plugs into the cupholders. (How hi-tech is that!)

And now, Hayes latest venture will be of the food variety. If all goes as planned, Hayes will be breaking ground on a new restaurant located right next to the Zeus Theater, and as of now, it should be open in November. The announcement of the restaurant is just a teaser for what is to come. Hayes plans to reveal its theme closer to the opening date.

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