The Simply Cheddar Knows Cheese

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We here at the Iris Inn purchase cheese from Simply Cheddar, owned and run by Linda Tucker Weaver, a former high school teacher turned cheese wiz (get it? Cheese wiz? Cheese Whiz?). Linda began cooking as a hobby and eventually went into catering, discovering that her cheddar cheese hors d’oeuvres were becoming increasingly popular. Eventually, Simply Cheddar was born. Linda states, “I called it Simply Cheddar because in essence it is a cheese ball, and the term cheese ball creates a vision of lots of cream cheese with many added flavorings like fruits and bacon, etc.   But the main ingredients in my product is only Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. This is not your mother’s cheese ball. As one fan said…I have brought the cheese ball into the 21st century” (Simply Cheddar).

So, what is it about Linda’s cheese that makes it so delicious? The Simply Cheddar website describes its product as a “cheese ball made with only the finest aged extra sharp cheddar cheeses without using any processed or cream cheese. It has a little onion for bite and fresh chopped pecans on the outside for crunch.” Not only that, but it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month and in the freezer for up to six months. It can be served in various, delicious ways, and we have to say that we’re quite fond of it!

The Simply Cheddar has recently been revamped, and it’s now possible to order online. If you’d like to visit them, however, check out one of their retail stores. Several of their stores are located near the Iris Inn, so add a visit to your getaway itinerary!

Photo by P. B. Obregón

Photo by P. B. Obregón